We, Resume Management Consultants Private Limited (Resume), commenced our operations in 1993. It was a humble beginning with a two-member team operating from a small 100 sq. ft. office working on run of the mill placement assignments only. Over a period of 18 years, through our extensive learning, excellent understanding of the industry & the attitude to partner with our clients in their growth, we have evolved as an organization providing several value added services to the industry.

For last two decades, we have added value to our clients’ business; at the same time, our clients, our candidates & our training participants kept on adding value in us. We are a strong interlink between corporate industry & people. We have been successfully bridging the gap between the two! Hence, we feel that ‘bridge’ best describes our organization.

This bridge stands on four firm pillars and it is cemented with the cement of trust and understanding. The services, namely, Headhunting and Extensive Research, Corporate Training and HR Solutions are the three pillars of this bridge, while the fourth pillar is our clientele, who trust us whole-heartedly.


Our Differentials :

  • A strong network across diverse industries.
  • Served different industries, ranging from growing SMEs to Multinational companies.
  • A range of services encompassing Talent Acquisition, Talent Development.
  • Focus on developing customized and tailor-made services.
  • A judicious and unbiased approach towards candidates as well as corporate.

Our team has a combination of wisdom gathered through years of experience, vibrancy backed by an action oriented approach & the ability to be dependable & trustworthy for our clients. The golden yellow, red & blue colors in the logo depict these qualities respectively. Our team is a blend of individuals with more than 15+ years of techno-commercial experience in their respective field & young blood with the right approach & dreams to grow along with our growing organization.

Our ability to assist our clients throughout the HR cycle is emphasized by the circular shape of our logo. The arrow directed upwards signifies our growth along with the growth of our clients.


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